Moroccan Pouf
Moroccan Pouf
Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan Pouf

Baba Souk
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Natural Leather Moroccan Pouf
Real leather: Natural leather, undyed. Embroidery colour: Light beige/Nude
Diameter: 21″ Height: 12″ (Standard size)

Filling Your Pouf:
Our poufs are sold without the filling but they are very easy to fill as they have a zipper along the bottom. You can use polyester mousse (pillow filling), and Ikea pillows are a great option. You can also go through your closet to find unused textiles like old jeans, old towels and old clothing you’re no longer wearing. Filling your pouf with old clothing will make it heavier, it’s a great option especially if you plan to sit on it. Polyester mousse will fill it up nicely but it won’t make it hard enough to sit on. Whatever you’ll be using, make sure to fill up your pouf to the max. The more you fill it, the better it’ll look!