Lady Magic New Moon
Lady Magic New Moon

Lady Magic New Moon

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Delight your senses by misting your body, aura and environment to invoke the dynamic energies of the moon. Available in 4 varieties, each mist has been charged under its respective moon phase, infused with a custom blend of crystal elixirs, herbal allies and essential oils to create magic in a bottle.

Designed to support your inner-verse as energy waxes and wanes, each mist invites ritual and creates a divine connection, reminding women of their cyclical natures. 

Phase: New Moon

Essences of citrus, vanilla and black pepper

Herbal allies of chamomile and rose. 

Gemstones: amethyst, tigers eye and quartz

Gently shake and mist over body and atmosphere to invoke the rejuvenating energies of the new moon.

118 ml recyclable plastic bottle.

Note: Essential oils are beautiful but powerful. Always spray lightly and patch test before using directly on the skin.