The Fox Universe: Self Care Oracle

The Fox Universe: Self Care Oracle

The Fox Tarot
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Drawing on a decade of experience in social work, Taylor has written and illustrated a thorough guide to practicing self care in a stressful world. Learn to recognize signs of burnout and add some essential tools to your personal development toolbox with 80 illustrated cards to assist you. Each deck includes a 96 page guidebook that is filled with strategies for maintaining mental health and achieving balance in your life.

All cards and the guidebook were designed by Taylor Haigh on Gabriola in British Columbia, 2019. Box includes 80 illustrated cards and a 96 page guidebook. The guidebook covers meanings for all 80 cards and gives instructions for reading card spreads.

The deck itself is based on the traditional tarot framework of 78 (+2) cards: 24 Major Arcana + 56 Minor Arcana. Each of the 4 Minor Arcana suits contains 14 cards (10 pips and 4 Court cards). For The Fox Universe Tarot I have renamed all the cards and suits to fit with my self care concept. The four suits are Wheels (Personal Development), Spoons (Energy), Candles (Burnout), and Diamonds (Recovery). The Court cards are named Student, Ghost, Witch, and Wizard. The 24 Major Arcana guides are also renamed and have new meanings. It is similar to an oracle deck in that it provides the user with 80 words to reflect on. All of these details and the meanings of every card are  explained in the guidebook included in each deck.

The deck is 80 black and white cards on sturdy card stock with rounded corners and gold foil on the edges, packaged with the 96 page guidebook in a sturdy 2 piece box. For those who have seen The Fox Tarot, the card stock, dimensions and guidebook size are the same but the box is a higher quality.