Stinging Nettle Tincture
Stinging Nettle Tincture
Stinging Nettle Tincture

Stinging Nettle Tincture

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Nettles are very nutrient rich, increasing energy by nourishing the adrenals.
They are adaptogenic, (this means they enhance the body's natural response to physical and emotional stress) and have traditionally been used as a spring tonic. It is a slow-acting nutritive herb that gently cleanses the body of metabolic wastes. They have a gentle, stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, are balancing to the metabolism and strengthening to the entire system as they are very high in iron, vitamins and minerals.
Nettles are ruled by the planet Mars and the element of fire and are considered to be a good herbal ally to strengthen your nurturing abilities and self worth with gentle yet strong support.

This tincture contains pure nettle leaf infused into vodka for a full moon cycle, then strained and bottled into 30 ml amber glass dropper bottles.

Recommended use:

Used in herbalism to mineralize the body, increase energy, regulate blood sugar levels, calm allergies, boost the immune system and as a general tonic.

Other uses:
-As a daily tonic to support the system
-As a topical scalp treatment to strengthen the hair
-As a rinse for sore mouths or throats
-As a tonic to balance the heart chakra energies
-As an energetic tonic to help increase confidence, self love and to alleviate anxiety
-As a nourishing supplement

Use this tincture as needed, store in a dark place for maximum shelf life.
This is a traditional remedy and all uses are suggestions only, always consult your health practitioner if unsure.